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Review: Blues N Roots Corner

Van Henry Sloan, deltablues muzikant, is weinig bekend. Sumiere informatie die beschikbaar is blijft beperkt tot zijn geboortejaar 1870 en dat hj Charlie Patton min of meer wat blues instructies heeft gegeven. Er zijn geen opnames van bekend. Met dit gegeven is Bacon Fat Louis aan de slag gegaan. Maar dan weggezet in deze tijd...

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Review: Indebanvan

Sommige mensen zijn voor de blues geboren. Het geldt voor de bandleden van Bacon Fat Louis. Hun ziel en zaligheid gooien ze in de muziek. Hun nieuwe album “The Glorious Gospel & Blues Of Henry Sloan” gaat vergezeld van een prachtig boekwerk.

In beeld, tekst en muziek volgen we zo het verhaal van Henry Sloan die geleefd zou hebben van 1870 tot 1948. ‘Ready To Roll’ met zijn zelfgemaakte cigar box gitaar.

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With a furious dancing attitude we try to stretch the borders of the blues! And yes we are under the influence of Jack White, R.L. Burnside and Son House.

We like to use cigar box guitars (Bo Hudson) joined by blues harp (Harp Attack Pete) and a dictating but danceable rhythm (Big Kick Rik). So don't expect those academic guitar solo's because we just don’t care about that.

The debut album (Bacon Fat Louis) was well received in 2013 and opened up the doors for an ongoing live experience. We participated in the Dutch Blues Challenge in 2016 and recorded a live album (LIVE!) with our biggest fans in the Hippie Hut live venue.

In 2017 we released a concept album (the Glorious Gospel & Blues of Henry Sloan) that tells the story of the legendary mentor of many blues men like Son House and Charley Patton. Since Henry was never recorded his legacy remains unknown. We picture him in the modern day world and see him struggle with fear, victory and failure. 

In 2021 it was a was a relief and a joy to record new songs in the studio in these lockdown days. On "BFL#3" we used all our powers to make the best album ever!

This is party blues straight from the juke joints.

Remember dancing is allowed just make shure you have a beer on the side!


Do you play covers?

Ocasionally we do. We love to do some Tina Turner or maybe a Jimi Hendrix tune but we mainly serve our own stew. So tune in and hang on to your beer before your hit the ceiling.

Do I need to pay a deposit when hiring the band?

No when we have an agreement we come and play. No matter what.

Do I need to take care of a special diet when we prepare your meal?

Well keep it hot and greasy. We need the energy to perform so don't cook some of that low carb shit because that's not what we need.


Can I make a reservation?

Yes, you can reserve the band for an event, evening or party. Send an mail to or fill the form. (No weddings or birthay party's)